Food Pantry & Clothes Closet


  1. I am 19 years old with two kids and a third on the way i dont know how to drive but im trying to graduate and get my driver’s license but i need Health Care,Food Assistance, Furniture,Clothes for my children and i. I want to find a good job and i just need help.

  2. Prayer for my daughter.
    In her recent hospitalization, my 27 year old daughter Victoria, has been told by her doctor that she is at the end stage of her Congestive Heart Failure. To help her heart function better, she is medicated intravenously (IV) with Milrinone, 24/7. A nurse checks on her regularly. Until she gets a healthy ❤ transplant, her day to day life is a struggle. Please say a prayer for her. I truly appreciate with gratitude your continued petitions to te Lord for my daughter’s healing and wholeness.
    Joy Caragay

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